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We are team Monano

"imaginative play is a way for them to discover the world that surrounds them and collect experiences."








The word Monano comes from a festive kid's folk song that I learned when I was kid from an indigenous girl.

It's about a little
monster/ghost that appears at the garden to pick up flowers and parsley. It was a little bit spooky, funny and folky at the same time. After Lucilla finished the song we laughed together and started to remember more  songs and tales from the rainforest. Our minds played different scenarios, created more characters and tales.  It was just a magical moment that we shared.


  Dream - Imagine - Create -


be Monsters.. of    creative minds!

We also believe in...


Creative Reuse/Recycled Materials- Process that transforms any clean, safe, reusable scrap item into an  object of interest or beauty.  This process can involve paper, wood, plastics, fabric, some metal, and a variety of found objects (natural and human-made).


* Environmental awareness *

* Promotes awareness and implementation of sustainable practices in art *

* Promotes ingenuity and creative problem solving in art and everyday life *

* Encourages community service and volunteerism *

...feel free to donate materials

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