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   Monano is dedicated in exposing young minds to creativity and imagination.  We invite you to enter a creative space, enhancing creativity and strengthening the capacity to imagine and transform.

Jack and Claudia partnered up on 2017 to bring Monano Art to life. 

They have been working in the community of Worcester for 4 years bringing Art workshops to schools, summer camps, private events and to the community.



  • Youth Worker Award 2022 by the City of Worcester. 

  • Program coordinator - Create 508 The Division of youth opportunities. 

  • Children's Program Manager-Clemente Course In Humanities.

  • Art Consultant for Worcester Division of Public Health with the youth of HOPE Coalition.

  • Working on her bachelors in Art Therapy.

  • Art workshops in the community

Jack Bastante
  • Musician, Drummer, Composer, arranger.

  • Extensive trajectory as live musician. 

  • Experience in team building and serious play.

  • Trained in Introduction of Art Therapy.

  • Owner of Peruvian music Studio Äudiobas¨


The field of expressive Arts is closely tied to the work of therapeutic change. As well as being beneficial for the individual or small group.

Expressive Arts has the potential for a much wider impact- to inspire social action and bring about social change.

We believe in starting with our community and our kids to fully impact our society.

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