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No Carve- Glitter Colorful Pumpkin

If pumpkin carving isn't for you, don't worry!!- You will love this easy no-carve pumpkin idea. Lots of festive colors and sparkle!
Materials -Small Pumpkin (Clean the pumpkin with a dump cloth and dry it up before starting to paint) -Acrylic paint -Glitter glue sticks
Let's have fun decorating these pumpkins!! Set a friendly table with your materials:
Pumpkin, water, paintbrush, palette with acrylic paint and glitter glue-sticks.
(Try to encourage putting all the colors on the palette, but it's cool if they choose their favorite ones)
Mention all the materials they can use and the steps they could make- Action!

Started painting half of the pumpkin with gold and brown acrylic paint and waited few minutes for it to dry (acrylic paint usually dries up pretty quick)

After the first paint was dry, we turned the pumpkin upside down and continue adding more color... pink! Don't be afraid to cover all of the pumpkin!

After both sides were dry, we continue decorating it with our fun glitter sticks. As you can see we were very excited to use the glitter sticks! The more the merrier!!

Let the pumpkin lay down in a safe spot for the rest of a day so all the glitter can dry up.

Enjoy having your house full of festive pumpkins!!




Provide the resources they need for creative expression.



Allow kids the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas and do what they want. 


Emphasize process rather than product. 

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