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Jellyfish Inspired!-Egg cartoon Mobile

Peter and I talked about his weekend at the beach and how much fun he had spending time with his granpa. Peter advised me to be careful with the jellyfish next time I go swimming at the beach.

We started talking about his experience seeing the jellyfish and how beautiful they are. Inspired by the beauty of this animal and thinking outside the box, we created our Jellyfish Inspired mobile!

We used materials that we found at home-be creative!

Materials -Egg cartoon box

-Acrylic paint (any kind of paint will work) -Tissue paper

-Ribbon (string, yarn)

-Glue -Tape

Peter discovered his favorite new color-GOLD! First, he painted the egg cartoon with gold and red acrylic.

Paint and cover the outside of the egg cartoon box with any color you want. (Don't need to paint the inside)

While the paint dries, cut strips of tissue paper for the tentacles

(an adult can help cutting the strips). Add glue in the egg cartoon and paste the tentacles.

After all the tentacles are on, let it dry for a few minutes until they don't move.

**Adult Handling for the finishing process** Help making two holes in the egg cartoon and add the ribbon through the holes. Tape the tips of the ribbon inside the egg cartoon and Voila!

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Provide the resources they need for creative expression.



Allow kids the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas and do what they want. 


Emphasize process rather than product. 

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