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Photography adventure 101

This is Peter, we like to go for walks and enjoy the weather while summer is here. This time I brought my big heavy digital camera with me and took some pictures as we sat down throwing rocks at the river.

Peter is always curious on how things work, he asked me about the camera, about the batteries (HE LOVES BATTERIES) and it's functions. I explained briefly about the camera and how this one is a digital one. We looked at the pictures in the screen and firmly he asked:

"Can I take some pictures too?" As you imagine I was a little bit nervous about it, but I gave him a chance. I was so suprised on how good he was and how excited his little eyes were, so curious. We were so amused of the pictures he took that I decided to buy him a Single use camera from a near by Pharmacy. Check his digital photos below -->

Digital camera picture by Peter

Digital camera picture by Peter

Digital camera picture by Peter.

Got 2 Single Use cameras for the boys. It's perfect for them, small and light.

Gave them a brief explanation and how this camera works. Talked about the difference of film and digital camera. Don't be afriad of explaining they would really listen to you.. nothing to crazy though.. and just tell them if they have any questions to ask you.


To have fun To be curious

Get close to objects Ask questions

Also they discovered the FLASH, so I also explained how it works. Ethan (2 yeard old) loved the flash, so he used it the entire time. Just let them go for it and discover!

Let them know that after taking his pictures/finishing the film you will drop it to the store to develop them. You could create a photo album "My First Photo Album", make a collage of the pictures they like, or make fun Ornaments. (will post some ideas)

Here are some of the pictures they took-Enjoy this fun project!




Provide the resources they need for creative expression.



Allow kids the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas and do what they want. 


Emphasize process rather than product. 

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